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International Journal of Contemporary Applied Sciences  (IMPACT FACTOR 3.729)

International Journal of Contemporary Applied Sciences (IJCAS) (ISSN: 2308-1365) is a double blind peer-reviewed scientific journal, publishes 12 issues per year. IJCAS is dedicated to publishing scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles, dealing with the complex and multidisciplinary challenges in contemporary applied sciences. IJCAS provides a platform for researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students to share their valuable research and knowledge. The journal covers a broad range of topics including business and management, economics and finance, biology, chemistry, physics, environmental sciences, mathematics and statistics, geology, engineering, computer science, social sciences, natural and technological sciences, linguistics, medicine, architecture, industrial, and all other applied and theoretical sciences.

The International Journal of Contemporary Applied Sciences is an open access journal that strives to provide a platform for publishing interdisciplinary research and current developments in the field of applied sciences. With a focus on delivering quality content, the journal aims to span all areas of contemporary applied sciences with contributions from scholars across international boundaries.

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IJCAS publishes peer-reviewed case studies, reviews, conceptual contributions and empirical research of the highest quality.

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The subject areas covered by the IJCAS include (but are not limited to):

Business and Management: Accounting, Banking, Human Resource Management, Organizational studies, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Economics, Finance, Commerce, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Marketing, Operation Research, Business Process Management.

Social science and Humanities: Social Science and Humanities, Sociology, Social Welfare, Anthropology, Religious Studies, Visual Arts, Political, Cultural Aspects of Development, Tourism Management, Public Administration, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, History, Education, Women Studies and so on.

Science and Engineering: Mechanical Sciences, Computer Sciences and Engineering, Technology and Innovation, Environmental Studies, Climate Change, Agricultural, Rural Development, Urban Studies and Energy related research.



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Journal Impact Factor (IF) of IJCAS is 3.729